Savage Wars

The Savage Wars is kind of a blanket statement to describe the flare-ups between civilization here on the western frontier and the other less civilized races.

These conflicts have been going on for quite some time with 3 notable conflagrations throughout the barony’s history.

10 Years after the barony was first established Sarlan and his ragtag band of militia, allied with the elves of Syltira’li and fought back an incursion into The Bay by a horde of gnolls and goblinoids. The intense fighting lasted for over two years and was attributed to a drought that first year that severely depleted the savages food sources and forced them to seek sustenance elsewhere. Once the fighting started it kept flaring up until easier food was available.

100 years ago an Orc chieftain named Orglox the Mad, fielded an actual army of savages against Harbare and Two Moon Bay. He was attempting to sack the city and take it over as a conquering warlord. This army was nearly successful in destroying the fledgling barony with the siege of the city.

Eventually the savages breached the city walls and set fire to pat of Old Town.
This war was fought for what was seen by the savages as serious encroachment onto land that has traditionally belonged to the various tribes in the area, and to take the new wealth that was being generated out of resources in the Barony that the tribes felt like belonged to them. The fighting was fierce; with the tide only turning when troops sent from the eastern part of the kingdom interceded. This victory is celebrated on the 6th day of the 4th month of every year, and is known as “Siegebreak”.

The most recent attack on the barony by the savages happened a mere 15 years ago.
This was similar in some ways as the previous wars, in that it was an organized army on the field for the savages, but this time they seemed to lack a strong leader that was charismatic enough to hold the force together. There were notable battles, including some that spilled into the outskirts of the city, but in reality the savages were routed within months and what has happened is that there has been a low level guerrilla conflict going on since, with groups like The Red Skulls and the various other Savage Tribes.

Savage Wars

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