1. Piers in the First Ward
This is the coastal area of town where the fishing boats and merchant ships move their cargo into town and take on passengers and supplies. The Western Pier is also the home to the Ferry that can take passengers to any other Ferry port around the Bay.
Passage can be booked in this area to any major port city in Nerath.

Probably the oldest constantly inhabited areas of the city, it smells pretty bad down here. There is always the aroma of dead fish and flotsam. A lot of the cities working class work down here on the docks and warehouses, and as fishermen.

This is also a good place to get information about what is going on outside of the
Barony and outlying areas. Sailors and people who service sailors are all over the place down here.

Points of interest.

Sarah’s Place
On the eastern pier there is an Inn called Sarah’s Place. It is a very large Inn and Brothel. This is where most of the Sea Captains stay while they are in port. It can be somewhat of a rough establishment, but the halfling matron Sarah Higginbothan, keeps only clean girls on staff and it’s always a party….


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