This is a mixed use Ward in Two Moon Bay. There are several businesses in this area, including The Gamblin’ Grouper, your favorite bar and card house.

Points of Interest in the Ward.
Platinum House
There is a small Bed and Breakfast across the street from the Gamblin’ Grouper called Platinum House.
Private Rooms can be rented there for 4sp / night. The matron is a human woman named Betina Fresland.
Betina runs a tight ship, and no renters are allowed in past midnight. If you show up past 9 pm she gives you a dirty look and gets a little nosey… She cooks a fine breakfast, makes a little small talk, and then she expects you to pay for another night or get the hell out.

She doesn’t tolerate any monkey business in her house, and she is prejudiced against wizards and obvious users of arcane power.

William’s Stables
Two streets south, close to the Western Road, is a stable called William and Son’s.
This stable can handle most mounts and has a small smithy inside to repair tack, barding, wagons, and to shoe mounts. Very exotic predatory mounts will not be excepted.
The stable is owned by a human named Willam Morgel. He is assisted by his two boys. Jack and Franklin. William is a salty old cuss who lost his left leg to a Griffon he once boarded for a visiting Eladrin noble. If you hang around long enough you will hear the story at least twice in one visit…
Jack (age 10) is deaf and Franklin (age 13) is mute… apparently both due to lightning strikes..

The Western Gate.
This is the Western defensive coordination point for the city. It is a thick and sturdy gate that has been well maintained. Unfortunately The Wall surrounding the city is starting to show some signs of wear and there are obvious breaches in some places.


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