Theil's Hold

This is a trading post northeast of the bay and just outside of the barony. It is situated on the southern edge of the Shining Plain and just west of The Stonemarch range of mountains.

It is basically a loose collection of buildings and homes set at a crossroads and not really a village proper. Most of the standing property in Theil’s Hold is owned by a dwarven family; the Hawkhammers. The Hawkhammers have been doing business in this area for the last couple hundred years. They are traders, doing business mostly with the cities to the south, and savages to the north and the dwarvenholds just east of here. They make most of their money trading raw goods to the dwarves to the east and selling finished goods to the cities, just to the south.

The Hawkhammers are shrewd business people. They will trade with any race. They serve no king and have no alliance with any race even their own. Most dwarves aren’t very fond of the family and there is gossip that the Hawkhammers were booted out of Hammerfast long ago for dealing with some less than savory business partners. In general other dwarves see the Hawkhammmers as a less than honorable lot and hardly dwarf at all.

The Hawkhammer patriarch is Barigor Hawkhammer. He is a surly old dwarf with an eye patch and a limp. He gives off an aura of command and he is quick to point out that while on his land he makes the rules. His only real rule is that there is no violence allowed in Thiel’s Hold.
That means that savages, goblinoids, and elves must get along while here or face Barigor’s brand of justice. Which usually just ends up with both parties at the end of a blade or beneath the weight of a great hammer. All races (and especially their gold) are welcome in Theil’s Hold as long as there is no trouble. Step out of line and your dead. Real simple.

To enforce this rule Barigor has at his service a couple of Hill giants. Twin brothers named
Grunkt and Garroe. He also has the muscle from his relatives, and a small cadre of really nasty hobgoblins that he keeps on the payroll.

The reason this place has not been wiped off the map by the savages is pure economics. The savages have come to depend on the goods that Thiel’s Hold provides them. Cooking pots, oil, spices, horses, all of these things the Hawkhammer’s bring in and trade with the savages for precious stones or metals, furs, and anything else they bring to town of value..
There is always an encampment of savages here trading for goods.

Recently construction has begun on a small arena for gladiator style fights, and bare knuckle boxing. These matches have become quite popular with the savages and they are starting to draw spectators from Harbare and points East. Anyone can enter the bouts and there are cash prizes for the owner of the slave or fighter who wins the match. Wagers are made for various aspects of the bout, like ‘first blood, KO, death, etc’. All of the wagers are backed by the Hawkhammer family, they get a tiny cut of each pot for the services they provide

Theil's Hold

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