The Point

Light house
The main feature in this area is the lighthouse of the Lamplighters Guild.

Two Moon Bay is known far and wide for it’s magical streetlamps and lighthouse. The lamps were commissioned by Sarlan van Haoukel during the founding of the city. They are powered by arcane energy and it is said they were originally fashioned by elves from Syltira’li. Now the lamps are built and maintained by members of the guild.
This guild is the most important in Two Moon Bay. Mainly due to the treacherous nature of The Teeth to the shipping and fishing trade here in the bay but also for the fact that people come from leagues to see the cities magical lamps and lights, because of what they represent during this dark time. The lamplighters make sure that the bay is navigable during any weather condition, and that the streets are lit up during the night. To be a lamplighter here is considered an honorable dedication of one’s life. The lamplighters also serve as a second set of night watchmen for the city, though they have no official power and carry no weapons they can summon help and are formidable in hand to hand combat.

Other places of note in the area:

Lover’s Stone
This is a large semi-polished black stone that rises out of the sand just down the cliff from the lighthouse. Kids sometimes hang out here, and young people sneak off to get frisky here. You reach it by a somewhat treacherous set of natural stone stairs carved into the cliff face. It has some strange markings on it. People think it’s magic. More than one person has died taking a tumble down the steep, slippery stairs to reach the stone.

The stone erupts from a small patch of sand just down the cliff below the light house. It is somewhat phallic shaped 30’ across and 55’ high. It juts out of the sand like a great horn, with a slight curve out towards sea. . On it’s surface and at it’s base it has strange severely weathered markings carved into it. More on the side that faces the sea.

The Point

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