The Aldermen

This is the the name of the organization and the title of the local bureaucrats. The council for The Aldermen meet once every two weeks with The Baron to discuss the business of the city. During times of distress they will have emergency sessions as needed.

The different Aldermen are as varied in demeanor as the different districts in Two Moon Bay. Most of the Aldermen are decent helpful civil servants and good Samaritans. Some are scoundrels involved in minor criminal activity, and a couple of them are known to be rather villainous.

The Aldermen are voted into office every 4 years by an election process. Voting is generally preceded by 3 month campaigning season, which is usually festive, but has caused minor street violence in days gone by.

Phineas The Sage of Westgate is one of the Aldermen of the city.

The Aldermen

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