Syltira li

This is a rustic, heavily fortified elvish village siuated in some of the thickest old-growth forest in the western lands. The village lacks the grandeur of the major elven cities, but it’s a magical place none the less. It is three and a half days ride east of Two Moon Bay and sits off of the Elven Road in a secluded mist shrouded vale. A cool fast running brook, possibly a tributary of the Red Salmon River, races over a bed of river rock through the heart of the village.

The structures here have obviously been here for a long time. Long enough for the trees to have been coaxed into forms that meld into the architecture of the village and the defensive wall that surrounds the dwellings. The heart of the village is composed of stone and wood structures, of varying heights that have become enveloped by the trees. The architecture is gilded in golden metals, green and brown woods, and smooth stonework, but it’s difficult to see where the trees stop and the architecture starts. Most buildings seem to be familial dwellings, but a few workshops, storefronts, and even an Inn are seen if you walk the wide streets. The village seems to be a green and gold oasis in an otherwise dark and ominous forest. It is dappled in sunbeams that filter through the boughs of the trees and set off all of the architectural details in glimmering splendor. The land is verdant, the soil moist looking and rich and the air seem thick with life.

Once upon a time the elves here had a close relationship with Harbare. Over the years that relationship has become strained. Mathias van Haoukel, son of Sarlan during his reign refused to even speak with the Elder Circle of Syltira’li. Various trade disagreements and and slights over the years has built up a deep wall of mistrust in the hearts of the elves. Many say that the dream that was Harbare was born and died with Sarlan Van Haoukel.

The village has been involved in a low level skirmish war with the savages since time immemorial. The village is a fortified settlement with an ancient living timber wall where the trees have grown together to form a barrier with the outside world. The barrier has a catwalk that runs along the top of it and into the trees. There is a heavy gate on the Western edge that is guarded as well.

Secret village 1549

The village itself gets attacked roughly every ten years or so. Usually when a northern savage tribe gets a new chief who has something to prove. He will start organizing raids into the elves territory to increase his standing among the other tribes. Usually these raids are epic failures but from time to time they do some damage, and the elves are ever vigilant.

Harbare used to help support the elves militarily during these raids but that assistance has grown sparse over the last few decades. During the last Savage War the elves just stayed behind their wall and let the humans fend for themselves. Relations between the two parties has been on the decline for 70 years or more.

The elves have guards posted along the catwalk at all hours, and elvish rangers patrol the forest outside of the village. They occasionally discover savage scouts, and goblinoids in their territories. These threats are usually dealt with in a deadly efficient manner.


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