Shining Plain

The Shining Plain is a beautiful place. That being said, it is also a dangerous place. It is a prairie of rolling grasslands, and in the winter a frozen tundra. It is sparsely populated by tribes of native human horsemen. These humans are considered barbarian savages by any member of the civilized lands. These tribes people are varied and some are most definitely more dangerous than others. They have their own political intrigues, and are known to frequently make war upon each other for various reasons.

Some tribes do engage in trade with the civilized lands, and are known to frequently make trips south to Theil’s Hold to trade for ponies, steel, and beads. These tribes people who have frequent contact with civilized people, tend to be the most dangerous, because they have come to understand that the people from the civilized lands have things that they want. These savages are the ones most likely to rob a caravan, or waylay travelers.

Some tribes, notably the “Krawneek”, have been known to headhunt and engage in cannibalism.

There are also roving bands of gnolls that prowl the prairie, and all manner of beasts both mundane and magical that exist here. There are known

Shining Plain

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