Savage Tribes

The tribes are really a loose conglomeration of many tribes of humanoid races that during times of duress band together to make war or defend their respective territories.

These tribes are made of many distinct races and sub-cultures. Most of the “savages” are human barbarians from the Shining Plain. These tribesmen worship various gods, elemental or primal spirits and a few even paying homage to devils and demons.

Another major faction in the savage tribes are The Red Skulls this is a large amalgamated tribe of goblinoid races. They are lead by a brutal Orc Champion named Bloodfist. These savages tend to be the most active when it comes to raiding the civilized settlements. Their base of operations is not known at this time but their numbers are estimated to be upwards of 250 fighters. They tend range from the Northern woodlands above Northport and have been known to extort goods and gold from that community, occasionally resorting to outright murder to get what they want.

Another faction of savages that tend to be more of an outright danger is a group of gnoll brigands known as the “Black Tounges” that tend to waylay travelers on the Bay Road. This tribe is more like a “gang”, and they generally try to rob the trade caravans usually resorting to murder. Killing farmers generally isn’t profitable enough for them but they will kill farmers or woodsmen for food if nothing else is available. They have come to understand which caravans and merchants tend to haul the most profitable loads and they are often found up in Theil’s Hold trying to fence their stolen wares.
The total number of tribe members is unknown but it is estimated to contain at least 30 fighters and possibly as many as 100.

Savage Tribes

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