Old Town

This is the heart of Two Moon Bay and the largest Ward in the city. Here is the public fountain, the grandest of shops, jewelers, tailors. Curiosities, and curatives can all be found here for a price. This is and has always been where the movers and shakers live in the city. This is also the seat of power among The Aldermen of Two Moon Bay. Their lodge is here. This is where they meet for the Aldermen’s council, to make plans, and share information.

Hang around down here rubbing elbows with the right people long enough and a lot of opportunities could come your way. Mansion Row is the home to the oldest money in town, filled with the most opulent furnishings and the movers in shakers of the region.

Other areas of interest in this Ward:


Stockade and Tower:
The Tower is the base for the town constabulary. It is also where you are taken in town if you are arrested.

Mansion Row
There is a street in the heart of this district lined with manor houses for the baronies elite seafaring merchant families. This is the seat of old money in this city. It is the most affluent living area in the city only just out shining the newer and more modern White Parish. More than one thief has made his fortune robbing a manor house in this area, and many, many more have died while trying to complete the same task. The parties in this section of town are some of the most spectacular events of the year. If your lucky enough to be invited. If you want to meet the big money this where you hang out.

Madame Hilliard’s House
This is the high end brothel here in town. It is never referred to as a brothel though. Only members of the upper class are allowed inside.

Old Town

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