This is the large heavily fortified village on the north side of the bay. It is primarily an agricultural village that services the many orchards, and farm plots on this side of the water.
This town is basically just an extension of Two Moon Bay via the ferry system. Peaches, Pears and Apple orchards are common on this side of the bay. There are many vineyards here as well along with the cider houses and wineries in town that process the fruit.
There is a single pier in this village for service to the ferry and to load larger cargo ships with the village’s produce. This Village is gated, but it still sees it’s fair share of problems from savages and beasts. Most the housing and market place is clustered around a central courtyard. Most of the hard good available in Two Moon Bay are available here. There is a general store, a blacksmith, wainwright, and boat maker and some more esoteric vendors as well, but everything outside the norm tends to run 15-20% more expensive than it would be in the city.

There is a company of around 160 soldiers stationed here at any given time, with full siege capability. Heavy ballista are positioned along the walls, and a heavy trebuchet is stationed in the center of town, with smaller catapults at each compass direction. This village gets attacked more than any other human settlement in the area and it is quite heavily defended. Even the Well is enclosed and kept under constant guard.

There is a very skilled healer in town, and a small hospital. The healer’s name is Amanda Rosewood. She is a cleric of Melora.

The town Alderman is a former soldier named Finius Cartier. He is a veteran of the last Savage War who was wounded gravely. He survived and is responsible for managing this agricultural village.

The leader of the military here is Kevith Moor. A captain in the Harbare army. He is very loyal to the Baron, but bears no ill will to Half-Orcs. Although he will follow the orders of Finius, who has the final say in any civil decision about the village and is charged with maintaining the peace.


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