North Beach

This is the slum of Two Moon bay. If you can call it that. It’s actually not that bad compared to some other places you’ve heard about. That doesn’t change the fact that anyone born in this section of town is generally not wealthy.. legally that is, and you probably wouldn’t want to hang out on the street down here after dark without some form of defense.
The cobbled streets of the inner city give way to muddy tracks for horses and carriages here. Wooden walkways keep your feet out of the muck.
Most of the people here are laborers, service providers of one type or another, or are “ahem” self employed.

Here you will find all of Two Moon Bay’s most dangerous saloons, inns, and brothels.
All manner of illegal substances can be purchased here, as well as all illegal services acquired.

The view of the ocean here from the point is quite foul. Just off the beach is where the city’s sewer system dumps into the ocean. There is a layer of scum on the tide the likes of which you have never seen before and the smell in the summer is indescribable. There are dead seabirds and beached fish laying on the sand.. broken glass and twisted pieces of sharp garbage, wood, metal, tons of human waste, and rotten filth all along the beach that keeps those who would clean up the mess out of the sand. Not to mention the giant rats and other vermin that are known to forage this area. There are even rumors of things far worse that hang out by “The Drain” and snatch people into the deep..
The constables rarely visit the beach here, but do patrol the streets quite often. They will let most minor infractions slide here.. Street fights are tolerated as long as no weapons are drawn, and open street level prostitution is also legal here, yet not tolerated in the inner city outside of a brothel.

Rents here are cheaper here than anywhere else in Harbare, so it attracts the poor and transient. These people are the dregs of Harbare’s generally affluent society and are scorned by the general population. It’s not surprising to see a very diverse mix of races in this section of the city.
Although most of the people are humans, it’s not that rare to see a goblin or two, or an occasional minotaur, dark elf, or orc down here milling about in some shady drinking hole.

North Beach

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