New Mechanics

New Feats:

Light of Purpose
Prerequisite: Any divine class, Level 4+.
Benefit: When you use a divine power that normally targets undead, you can also target creatures of the aberrant origin.

New Rituals:

Soothing Mind
Component Cost: 200 gp
Market Price: 120 gp
Key Skill: Heal or Nature (no check)
Level: 5
Category: Curative
Time: 1 hour
This ritual will cleanse a player of any one of the madness effects from Aberrant Madness, or cure anyone of symptoms from mental illness who has gone insane by some other means.
This does not mean it will make the person happy, or forget what caused them to go insane. The character could still suffer from depression or have a mild phobia, but just not exhibit any outward symptoms of that particular mental manifestation. If the character somehow gets struck with the same effect they will have to undergo another Soothing Mind ritual to remove those symptoms as well. The cleansing effect has no duration and completes the cleanse at the end of the ritual.

New Mechanics

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