Aberrant Madness:

At the end of every encounter with a creature of aberrant origin each player rolls a Complexity 1, Endurance or Will check with a moderate DC at that players level. 2 fails before 4 successes and the player must roll a d100 and compare the roll to the following Madness Table. Once ever 2 weeks of game time the player can roll the endurance check again to see if their condition persists. A remove Affliction Ritual will also remove this madness. For the sake of the Heal check after the ritual treat the affliction an an effect that is two levels lower than the player suffering from the Madness.

Madness Table:

1-10% Sticky Phobia
You can’t stand oozing, slimes, and sticky substances.
(-1) to all attack and defense rolls when within line of sight within 20 squares of substances, terrain, or beings that have slimy characteristics. (Example- Ochers, jellies, slimes, oozes, algal blooms, sewers, pudding, etc..)

11-20% Murky Depths
Your terrified of water you can’t see the bottom of.
Anytime your around water that is deeper than 6’ deep or murky enough that you can’t see the bottom of, you freak out. All Strength or Dex related checks are at -1.

21-30% Your Paranoid

I always feel like… there’s somebody watching meeeeee…..
Your just generally paranoid about most social situations.
-2 to any Charisma based check.

31-40% Double Digits
You freak out if you see anything with more than four legs larger than a mouse. This includes natural insects, giant bugs or arachnids, real or depicted in sculpture, armor, paintings, etc.. anything with more than four arms or legs makes you scream like a little girl.
You are dazed until the item is out of your line of sight or 10 squares away.

41-50% Crowd Control
You don’t like large crowds, market places, crowded saloons etc. You get panicky and sweaty, your heart rate skyrockets. You obviously feel agitated.
-2 to any roll when you are adjacent to more than 2 creatures, including allies.

51-60% Fly, fly, away…
You freak out if you see anything with wings on it. This includes natural insects, birds, bats, etc.. Items or locations depicting winged creatures cause you to have mild anxiety attacks.
-2 to dexterity based checks or attacks.

61-70% So I guess you don’t want that fish sandwich…You freak out if you see anything with fins, big bulging eyes, or large scales on it. This includes fish, shellfish, creatures with a fish-like appearance. Items or locations with aquatic motifs make your skin crawl.
-2 to strength based checks or attacks.

71-80% The Dark
You can’t stand the darkness. Anytime you’re in darkness you get jumpy.
When your in total darkness you think you hear breathing right behind you, or that something slimy brushed up against your hand. You are having a panic attack!
Speed reduced to 1 anytime you are in darkness and -2 in dim light.

81-94% Snakes, or Tentacles
Snakes… why did it have to be snakes…
Anytime you see anything with tentacles or snake like appendages.. snake like architecture, yuan-ti, naga, or anything else that has a snaky or tentacle-like appearance you lock up, unable to quickly make decisions. You are dazed until the item is out of your line of sight or 20 squares away.

95-100% The Stars
In the cold void of space no one will hear you scream…
You hate being outside at night, especially when it’s clear and all of the stars are visible.
The distance and the cold nature of the stars light makes you realize how insignificant you are in the grand scheme of things.. your life means nothing in the void.

-3 to all Defenses, and you are dazed, until you get indoors.


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