The Barony of Harbare lies west of Winterhaven and the Nentir Vale via the Kings Road. It contains the city of Two Moon Bay and the outlying area. The barony includes lands east of the bay over to the Elven Road, north to the Shining Plain, and south to Bristol Lake. The climate is similar to coastal Northern California in our world, and includes temperate rainforest, rolling hill country, and some rugged mountains to the east and south. The area is rather dismal during the winter months with almost daily rainfall, fog, and clouds. The sun never really seems to break the cloud bank during the winter months. There is considerable snowfall inland and at higher elevations. The summers are very mild though, with plenty of sunshine for most agricultural crops. Harvest begins in the 9th month and ends near the 11th.

There is an abundance of game, fish, and livestock in the area, though most diets, especially along the coast generally are dominated by fish as a source of protein. There is considerable planting of wine grapes in the area and the Harbare vintners are gaining in reputation throughout the kingdoms, but it’s not a major export yet.
The three biggest export products are salt, fish, and timber.

Redwood forest

The lands have been populated by humanoids for the last 4000 years but most of those years it was dominated by Savage Tribes of humans, gnolls, and some hidden elvish settlements in the forested lands to the East. Dwarves have been trading in the area from the Easter Dwarvenholds for several centuries, but have just started making a home in the coastal lands recently.

The major industries are salt mining, fishing, timber, and ship and siege engine manufacturing. Most agricultural crops are not exported.

The area is governed by The Van Haoukel family, and this has been the arraignment for the last few hundred years, starting with Sarlan van Haoukel as the first Baron of Harbare. The title has been handed down to the eldest male child in each successive generation and now rests with Davik Van Haoukel.
Sarlan is credited with bringing order and peace to an area that was largely unsettled and extremely dangerous. His family has governed through times of general prosperity and overall the general opinion of the family is very positive.

The feeling from the general population is that Harbare is on the upswing. The quality of life here in “The Barony” is much higher than anywhere close by. The city of Two Moon Bay is a melting pot of local cultures and to some extent races.

The population is overwhelmingly human, with a 20% minority mix of halflings, elves (half-elves), dwarves, gnomes, and some half-orcs. Other races outside of these seven do exist here but they are very rare, and have been known to be subjected to racism and are generally distrusted.

The majority of the population vary rarely travels further than 10 miles from home, especially outside of the Barony. People who live in Two Moon Bay rarely leave the cities outskirts. It is pretty dangerous out there plain and simple. Savage Gnoll and some Goblinoid tribes roam the wilderness, and are known to waylay travelers along the roads. Murders are fairly rare, but robberies, rapes, and kidnappings are somewhat common.
There are also the Savage Tribes of humans from the Shining Plain that come south in raiding parties to loot caravans and outlying farmsteads during lean times.

Most travel on the roads connecting the settlements is done by armed groups of teamster caravans such as The Bayside Express. This is the accepted mode of travel in the barony and anyone who travels alone on the roads is considered mad or heroic.. The teamster caravans are a good way to make some scratch if your a capable warrior.

Order and defense of the Barony is done through a conscripted militia and a regular standing army. The Army is based out of the The Keep just south of Two Moon Bay and the militia is mixed in with the general population. The militia can be called up for active duty at any time to defend the barony. Though this hasn’t happened for 15 years or so.
Each city also has a contingent of watchmen and militia that handle the day to day peacekeeping in each burg.


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