There are numerous tribal groups of gnolls that operate in the area. The most common group that is encountered in Harbare is the Black Tongue Tribe. This group is not the most powerful, just the boldest. They are known to rob merchant caravans close to Two Moon Bay There are other groups that operate on the Shining Plain and in the western forests that have much stronger leadership. These groups would pose more of a serious threat if their numbers were greater and if they were to begin to re-emerge in the heart of the baron’s lands. As of yet most tribes still operate on the fringe of the barony, licking their wounds from the last savage war.

When someone says savages in Harbare, usually what they mean is gnoll savages. The majority of the gnoll tribes were driven from the barony after the second savage war, but the Black Tongue tribe has manged to maintain a presence in the barony proper. Despite efforts to eradicate them from the Baron’s lands. These gnolls make their living as murderers, mercenaries, and highway robbers. They have a taste for man flesh and will kill just for food if given the opportunity. The gnolls live in organized communal groups usually with a chieftain and some type of spiritual leadership.
The tribes tend to follow a caste style system of hierarchy where chieftain’s are routinely challenged for tribal leadership. Gnolls are taught from birth to hate and prey upon all of the civilized races, so it would be unheard of to see gnolls working with an elf or a human master. Gnolls are known to be excellent trackers. Woe to a group that finds themselves with gnolls on their trail out in the wilds… They would find it best to sleep with one eye open and get to civilization fast..|Gnoll|

The gnolls have always been a threat in Harbare, though that threat tends to ebb and flow. Currently the number of attacks from gnoll bandits is down. It’s suspected that internal, tribal turmoil or disease is suppressing the gnoll population in the barony, though the Black Tongues still hold-up merchants every few months. These assaults are oftentimes the most deadly for merchants and couriers because the Black Tongues kill not only for wealth and cargo, but also for food.

Generally the citizens see these beastmen as public enemy number one. Mainly due to their habit of eating captives, especially children. Although orcs and goblins are known man eaters as well, the gnolls relish the taste of humans so much they have been known to track and hunt humans for days for their meat alone.

The human savage tribes in the area make war on the gnolls on a regular basis, because their people often end up on gnoll spits. It’s not uncommon to find bodies of gnolls riddled with arrows out on the plains. The human plainsmen show the gnolls no quarter. This is the natural order of things on the frontier. Though there are cannibalistic tribes of humans on The Shining Plain who do have peace treaties with the gnolls, as a general rule these treaties are very rare and you almost never see these groups cooperating together. Gnolls are known to frequent Theil’s Hold to trade. Especially during the summer and fall. Though the gnolls don’t produce much in the way of goods, they do trade loot they have come across to the unscrupulous dwarves for armor, steel, and other goods.


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