Gamblin' Grouper

The Gamblin’ Grouper is the main attraction in Westgate other than the actual gate itself.
This is a hub in the PC’s social life. They are here most nights when they are not out on Bayside Express runs or having adventures. This would be one of the few establishments in town where an outsider could go and not expect to be harassed by a belligerent drunk or a member of the town guard.

This is just a typical Saloon and Card House on the outskirts of town. It is favored hang-out for adventurers and former soldiers. The Grouper is located here due to a city ordinance stating that gambling is not allowed in the city center. Generally it is a rather calm place to sit and drink, play a game of cards, dice, or bet on just about anything. It has seen it’s fair share of dust-ups, but since most of the patrons are teamsters, were veterans of the Savage War, or have gone risking life and limb seeking adventure.. They tend to be a fairly calm lot and therefore tend to respect other patrons. These people have seen firsthand just how fragile life can be and none of the regulars want to start any trouble. All of the local customers know each other pretty well too.

This is not an Inn or Brothel and overnight stays are not available. The staff is friendly and openhearted though, and wouldn’t let you die in the doorway.. The owner and barkeep is a human named Ottin Bersearch, a former trebuche’ operator in the Kings Army. He stayed here after the Savage War and set up shop. He has numerous funny stories to tell, mostly about knocking savages off the battlefield with giant stones. He makes a damn fine meal, if all you like is roast venison, rabbit, or potatoes, and he brews all of his own ales, and sitills his own whiskey, which he is very proud of. In many folks opinion the ale and beers here are the best in town.

The barwench is a Half-Elf named Kalla Harrier. She is a sweet, but quiet young woman. She was raised by her human father after her elf mother leftthe family, shortly after giving birth to her. Her father passed away two years ago and Ottin hired her on to help out around the place. Her father was a member of Ottin’s artillery crew.

The head games dealer is a jovial Half-Orc named Boris Krangal.
Boris is probably the friendliest Half-orc ever. He has always got an ear to lend and is ready to play a game no matter how large or small the stakes are. He sometimes tries to drop some quote or story that he thinks applies to your converation.. but actually has nothing to do with it… Like how his Orc mother used her beguiling charms and seduced a human soldier.. so…uhhh…You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s smell…err.. cover.. and never count your chickens… until it’s dinner time.. and fortune favors the..well dressed.. He’s basically just a guy trying to make you laugh and keep you entertained. Though sometimes you wonder if his wacky stories are just to throw you off of your game…

Gamblin' Grouper

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