Depot Quarter

This is a section of the city that contains businesses mostly associated with warehousing, shipping and shipwrights.

There is an exception to this though and that is Harris and Brassheart, Fine Arms and Armor.
H&B as it’s known in the Bay, is the premier place to get any modern weapon both mundane and magical. The place is owned by a dwarf, Garvik Brassheart, metal worker extraordinaire and Terrence Harris, the human smith. These two make quite the odd couple. They are best friends but all they do all day is insult and swear at each other.
Their work is second to none in the area, outside of the Dwarvenholds.
They sub-contract their enchanting to a young female Eladrin wizard here in town named Minah Swallowsong.

Other points of interest in the Ward:

Fairaday’s magic messenger service.
Send a message anywhere. Fast… but not cheap.

Hannabal’s Fine Sea Vessel’s
Design, Construction, and, Sales of some of the finest human built ships that Harbare has to offer.

Depot Quarter

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