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  • House Rules

    Rolling All dice rolls are final. Dice must be rolled on the tabletop and unobstructed by objects on the table. (The die cannot end it's roll in contact with books, other dice, minis, etc.) All player rolls must be in plain sight. The DM is …

  • New Mechanics

    h2. New Feats: Light of Purpose Prerequisite: Any divine class, Level 4+. Benefit: When you use a divine power that normally targets undead, you can also target creatures of the aberrant origin. h2. New Rituals: Soothing Mind

  • Madness

    h4. Aberrant Madness: At the end of every encounter with a creature of aberrant origin each player rolls a Complexity 1, Endurance or Will check with a moderate DC at that players level. 2 fails before 4 successes and the player must roll a d100 …

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