Founder of Harbare


Sarlan Van Haoukel was a hero and adventurer in every sense of the word. He came to this area to hunt gnolls for the bounty set forth by the King and ended up founding a city…
Everything Sarlan did he thought was done in the name of Erathis and Melora. He believed that the majesty of the natural world could live in harmony with the civilized world and he set out to build a state that gave the citizens a way to control their own fate and live in relative harmony with the world. This was unheard of at the time and attracted many settlers.
The area’s natural bounty, along with Sarlan’s charismatic personality and vision made Harbare the pillar of civilization in the west that it is today.


Sarlan was born in an eastern principality over 400 years ago. He came to the western shore as a member of an adventuring group near the end of the Nerathi Empire and found the rugged countryside to agree with his constitution. He made his way out here discovering lost riches and hunting gnolls.
At some point his luck paid off and he earned the title of Baron, bestowed upon him by the last King of Nerath. He swore to the king that he would make his barony a beacon of civilization, and by all accounts that is exactly what he did. The barony of Harbare and the city of Two Moon Bay are his legacy.

He died suddenly of a heart attack and his son Mathias became the second baron of Harbare.
The current baron Baron Davik van Haoukel is the 5th Van Haoukel to have the title.


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