Phineas The Sage

Alderman of Westgate. Local man of "science". Well respected in the Westgate community.


Phineas has shoulder length white hair that he pulls back into a pony tail. He also has a bushy white beard and mustache. He wears plain clothes, except for some strange instruments he wears on his belt that he randomly takes measurements with..

He’s fond of good ale and he tends to associate with a lot of dwarves and gnomes across the city due to his interest in eengineering. He is friends with Garvik Brassheart in Depot Quarter and also Genir Barrowdigger who works in the Armory.

He is fond of games of chance and the PC’s have gambled against him on numerous occasions at The Gamblin’ Grouper. He appreciates the math of the games, and he continually claims that if one had the mental fortitude they could overcome the chances in gambling by somehow keeping track of all the numbers in their head..


Phineas is a local character. He frequents the Gamblin’ Grouper from time to time and the PC’s know him pretty well. He is jovial and good spirited, and full of all kinds of useless knowledge. He worked as an engineer in the saltmines for a number of years, and in his younger days was rumored to have done a bit of adventuring.

He considers himself a “scientist and engineer”, and is always ready to spout off about rare species, weather patterns and theories of planar composition.
He’s the guy everyone in Westgate comes to when they have a question about the mundane world, history, or need to build something out of the ordinary.

He’s a bachelor and always has been. He says he wouldn’t have had the time to dedicate to his “research” if he had a family Although the only “research” any of the PC’s have ever seen him do was taking place in his tankard of ale.

Phineas The Sage

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