Frondinous Glickenshpiel

Manager of Western Salt Co.


The infamous Frondinous Glickenshpiel.
He is the acting manger and executive officer of The Western Salt Co.
He resides in White Parish in the center of Two Moon Bay with the other prominent members of the salt export industry. He lives at Western’s office there and is hardly seen outside of those walls. He is known as a very keen, unemotional, businessgnome.

“The Glick” as he is called, cares about one thing and one thing only, Western Salt Co.
He is said to be the second most powerful person in the barony. The Western Salt Co. employs about 1/3 of the residents in Harbare in one capacity or another.
He has turned the company and it’s products into an empire. Western Salt Co. Salt is one of the most recognized products in the known world and Glick has his hands not only in the salt industry but all of the associated facets of commerce in the barony.

Frondinous Glickenshpiel

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