Betina Fresland

Inn Keep of Platinum House.


She is the house maiden of The Platinum House. A bed and breakfast in Westgate.She is a zealous known follower of Bahamet and a very strict house maiden.


Betina has had a rather hard life. She was born when the Barony was just coming into it’s own and she married a husband, raised a son, and then lost them both in the war. She doesn’t let it get her down though. She knows she will meet them again in the domain of Bahamut one day.

She has been living in the Platinum House for 40 years and the last 15 of those have been by herself. She does enjoy the company that her guests provide her but too often that company can get out of hand and start acting like they run the place.

She goes to the temple every day and prays for her boys and lights candles. She donates her free time to the church and spends the rest of her time taking care of her house.

Betina Fresland

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