Campaign Summary

Darkstar Rising is basically 4E D&D but with more of a horror twist. If civilization in the D&D world is considered “points of light” surrounded by darkness, then in Darkstar Rising that darkness is deep and dark like the pelagic sea.

All of the known 4E planes exist as part of this cosmology as well as all of the known gods, but we are going to have some new entities and their followers as our main antagonists. We will be introducing some new rules for insanity and NPC interactions. As well as a few tweaks to some common mechanics. We are also going to create some new powers and feats specific to this campaign. Madness, magic, and eldritch evil. What more could you ask for??

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I really want to focus on solid RPing, creating a very captivating narrative, and faster paced play. During this campaign I’m hoping to create some emotional tension via suspense elements, enviromental conditions, and NPC interactions. I’m also a firm believer in gruesome, graphic combat encounters. I want to encourage the PC’s to think tactically and outside of the box when dealing with their enemies.

I will have a level of expectation about character conduct and a system of rewards where individual players are going to be rewarded for “playing smart”. I think knowing when to chicken out, find another way, or wait for reinforcements is just as important as knowing when to press the advantage and start fighting. XP will not be awarded in blanket amounts for the entire party but on individual merits.

Just because the players are hero’s doesn’t mean that jumping into a black hole in the ground, alone, is a good idea. I want the PC’s thinking about how they can use the terrain, and the situations presented to them to their best advantage.

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The beginning of the campaign is going to start in the booming port city of Two Moon Bay. The PC’s were conscripts in The Baron’s militia earlier in life and have maintained a loose friendship ever since. Some of them possibly working together at Bayside Express delivering freight and posts around the barony and acting as hired muscle to protect the shipments. They gather most nights as regular patrons in the Gamblin’ Grouper Bar and Cardhouse for games and fine spirits.

So if your planning on playing here you could work that element into your backstory, or else just figure out a way to put your character in Two Moon Bay in the Barony of Harbare right around harvest season and explain how you know the other PC’s.

We’re going to have some political intrigue, a lot of cross continent and eventually cross planar travel, some pretty epic dungeon crawls, and a ton of creatures that aren’t in any Monster Manual. There’s going to be exciting times in Harbare and your invited to a take a leading role in the events that are about to transpire.

Please check out the House Rules and the Main Page of the Wiki section for more particulars about the campaign.

Darkstar Rising

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